2009/2 February 2009 Minutes


Haddam Garden Club Minutes

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Many thanks to our hostesses Jessica Criscuolo, Jennifer Noyes-Dival and Mary Todzia for a delightful lunch of hot soup, sandwiches and delicious desserts following our guest speaker Abigail Maynard from the CT Agricultural Experiment Station, giving us some valuable information on “Utilization of Compost in the Garden”.  We all came away with some very good ideas about the “What”, “Why” and “How To” of composting for our home gardens.


President Gail Christie called the meeting to order at 10:10 AM at the UConn Extension Center.

Members present: Esther Beierle, Louise Carlson, Gail Christie, Diane Clowes, Jessica Criscuolo, Charlene Cusano, Marge DeBold, Susan Delvecchio, Melanie Giamei, Rogene Gillmor, Barbara Glista, Clare Hoover, Debbie Karopf, Rose Lake, Jennifer Noyes-Dival, Linda Rigono, susan Rutty, Geri Shaw, Barbara Stellenwerf, Mary Todzia.  New Member Tessie Zaczek.  First time visitor: Martha Ceplenski.  Guuise: Essie Spencer.

January Minutes: Correction – spelling of Melanie Giamei.  Motion to accept minutes. Seconded. So voted. Gail announced again that the minutes are now being emailed to all members who have access. Members who do not have email will still have the minutes mailed to them. If you are not receiving the email, please see Susan Rutty so you can be added to the mail list.

Treasurer’s report: Geri Shaw reported January income of $535.00; expenses of $177.00; leaving a checkbook balance of $2,182.00.  Our certificate of deposit is $1,018.00.  The total worth of the club is $3,200.  Marge DeBold made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report.  Debbie Karpf seconded. So voted.

Geri also announced that there are 2 members who have not paid their dues. A complete roster of members must be sent to the Federated Garden Club by April. Gail reported the club members that according to the bank records that Barbara Stellenwerf is a valid check signer in addition to the treasurer.

Committee Reports:

Cookbook Committee: Chairman Esther Beierle reported that when the additional cookbooks are ordered, there would be 2 changes made: (1)The first page will have “The Town of Haddam CT” and the year “2008” printed.  It was agreed that the year would validate the roster of members listed in the book. (2) One recipe has an omission of ingredients.  These additions and corrections will be submitted to the cookbook company with the reorder request.  At present, we have approximately 40 books on hand.

Civic Projects: Chair Barbara Stellenwerf put together a new list of Civic Projects which includes all new members.  She circulated the list for all to review.  There was discussion in regard to the plant containers in the Higganum Center area. At present there are four. Do we want to add more? Several things need to be considered: the cost of the plastic containers; appropriate locations; and, once they are planted, watering on a regular basis. Linda Rigono, Gail Christie, Barbara Stellenwerf and Esther Beierle will check for possible additional locations and how to handle the maintenance responsibilitiy. A report will be given at the next meeting.

Program Committee: Chair Debbie Karpf announced our speaker for this meeting will be Abigail Maynard from the CT Agricultural Experimental Station with a program on “Utilization of Compost in the Garden”.  Our guest speaker for the march meeting will be Nancy McKinnon from Ballecks Garden Center with a presentation on “Ten Months of Bloom in Perennial Gardens”.  The April meeting will be on flower arranging.  Bouquets of flowers will be purchased from Seagroatts.  Each member will then make an arrangement in a container with the flowers.  The meeting will be held at Town Hall.  Debbie asked the group if there was any interest in having a Plant Auction and Pot Luck luncheon for the June meeting. All voted in favor of the event. Melanie Giamei graciously volunteered to host it at her home.

Membership Committee: Chair Louise Carlson introduced and welcomed our newest member Tessie Zaczek. Welcome!! Louise also introduced first time visitor Martha Ceplenski and guest Essie Spencer, Linda Rigono’s sister. Louise also reported that Jill Muennich had resigned from the club.  Gail made special note of the new membership application created by Louise. The club thanked her for her time and talent. Job well done, Louise!!

Signage Committee: Geri Shaw reported that a card table size banner, 4′ x 29″, can be purchased from Moonlight Printers for $70.  It was agreed that several people will measure their card tables to be sure we are getting a sign that will fit most tables.  Marge DeBold made a motion to purchase the banner. Clare Hoover seconded. So voted.

Awards Committee: Chair Marge DeBold reported that an application has been submitted to the National Garden Club Roard for recognition of our cookbook. Discussion followed in regard to the possibility of submitting our Yearbook for the State Garden Club Award.  Melanie and Marge will follow up.

Publicity Committee: It was suggested that perhaps an article could be submitted to “The Haddam Events” brocure about the club. Gail will follow up with Lynda Birch and Jessica Cdriscuolo volunteered to help on the committee.

Garden Therapy: Chair Barbara Glista reported that she visited the Rocky Hill Veterans Hospital.

Hospitality Committee: Gail thanked Rogene Gillmor for creating the Guideline for Hostesses”. It will be very helpful, especially for new members. Thanks Rogene!

Yearbook Committee: Chair Melanie Giamei reported that she purchased a new book for the upcoming year of events.  It will include photos and newspaper articles, etc. The Club’s Bylaws, Calendar of Events and Club Roster have been added to the binder of monthly minutes.

Website Committee: The following members volunteered to be on the Website Committee: Jennifer Noyes-Duval, Diane Clowes, Marge DeBold, Melanie Giamei, and Jessica Criscuolo.  It was agreed they would meet with a website designer and then report back to the membership.

Farmer’s Market: Gail Christie reported the committee hs met. They decided the club could make and sell foral arrangements. The market is going to operate from May 22nd to October 30th. We could have a table on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. She asked everyone to think of ideas for sale items. There was some discussion in regard to an “approved” kitchen facility if baked goods are to be sold. Gail will check further.

Ways and Means: Gail asked for volunteers to help Jan Sweet with the committee. Jessica Crdiscuolo, Charlene Cusano, Mary Todzia, and Jennifer Noyes-Duval volunteered.

Town Wide Tag Sale: The date is Saturday, April 25th. Charlene Cusano will reserve a space fore the Garden Club with the Haddam Junior Women’s Club. It was noted how well the plants sold last year.

Gail reported that the Federated Garden Clubs are asking for support for a Children’s Garden atop the new CT Science Center. Debbie Karpf made a motion to send $50.00 in support of the garden. Marge DeBold seconded. So voted.

Gail announced that the CT Flower and Garden Show is February 19022 in Hartford. Tickets are $15 but, if purchased through the Federated Garden Club, the cost would be $9. If interested, see Gail.

Tail also reported on teh Federated Garden Club School to be held April 7-9. Seminars will be held on judging, design and display. The monthly newsletter we receive from the Club gives complete information. Barbara Stellenwerf stated that they “Design” class is a good experience and well worth the time.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 11:10 AM.

Respectfully submitted, Susan Rutty, Recording Secretary.


NEXT MEETING: The next meeting of the Haddam Garden Club will be held on Wednesday, March 11, 2009 at the TOWN HALL at 11:00 AM. Our program will be a slide presentation and discussion of “Perennials for Ten Months of Bloom” by Nancy McKinnon of Ballecks Garden Center in East Haddam.  Nancy will guide us in how to have colorful gardens for most of the year.

ACTIVE MEMBERS NOTE: Please notify Hospitality Committee Chair Rogene Gillmore at 345-2911 or email: rogenegillmor@hotmail.com if you cannot attend the meeting so Hostesses will know how much food to prepare.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERS NOTE: Please notify Hospitality Chair Rogene Gillmore at 345-2911 or email: rogenegillmor@hotmail.com if you will be attending the meeting so Hostesses will know how much food to prepare.


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